Christmas Wonderland in Gardens by the Bay 2015

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Gardens by the Bay (GB) did it again this Christmas! With Luminarie and Teddy Bears just like last year! But this year, the Christmas Wonderland spans almost twice the size (35,000 sqm), promising more fun and entertainment for the entire family! 

There are three core areas of focus in the Christmas Wonderland this year. These are:

The Festive Market

The Festive Market is at the Supertree Grove. One of the highlights here is the Spalliera, the largest Luminarie in GB that surrounds the Cassa Armonica. It stands 20.5-metres high and 24-metres wide, providing a stunning backdrop in the Festive Market. There will be special line-up of carollers performing at the Cassa Armonica.   

Not to be missed is the nightly Blizzard time where your family can enjoy the wonder of 'snow' in the tropics. Get ready your cameras/video cameras during these time to capture the rare moments of 'snow'.

Mon - Thurs, Sun: 8, 9 and 10pm 
Fri & Sat: 8, 9 and 9.45pm

The Luminarie are on display from 27 November 2015 to 3 January 2016, 7pm to 12mn daily.

The Stunnig Spalliera

The other highlight in the Festive Market is the Ice Palace, a 20.3-metre wide indoor chamber. You and your family can enjoy ice skating here or simply have your children play in the snow playground. Oh yes, the snow playground uses real snow! AJ 'smuggled' some snow out!

The Ice Palace is open from 27 November to 27 December 2015, 4 to 11pm daily.

Snow Playground – S$12.00 per child/adult, for one 30-minute session (inclusive of boots)
Ice Skating Rink – S$14.00 per child/adult, for one 45-minute session (inclusive of skates)
Socks are available at an additional cost of $2 each and gloves are available at an additional cost of $4 each.

The Ice Skating Rink

The Snow Playground

Look mum! Real snow (melted)!

The third highlight in the Festive Market is the Spiegeltent, an ornate century-old travelling 'mirror tent' from the Netherlands. The Spiegeltent is 18m wide and 6m high. Here you can indulge in specially curated festive menu by Harry's - Singapore's most well-established bar and dining chain.

The Spiegeltent is open from:
Mondays to Sundays: Dinner from 4 to 11pm.
Saturdays, Sundays, Christmas Eve and Christmas: Brunch from 10:30am to 3pm. 
It will be closed for dinner service on 27 Nov, 3, 10, 15 and 17 Dec for private events. 

The Fairground

The Fairground is located near The Meadow. It is a place where your family, especially the children, gets to enjoy an array of traditional carnival rides like Vintage Carousel, Helter Skelter, Swinging Chairs, Trackless Train and games stalls.

Vintage Carousel

Helter Skelter

Trackless Train

Game Stalls

The Christmas Toyland

The Christmas Toyland is in the Flower Dome. Over here, toys reign supreme amidst yuletide floral favourites. Towering over the enchanting floral display is the centrepiece of Christmas Toyland - an 11m-tall Christmas Pyramid decked with toys.

The Christmas Toyland is on display at the Flower Dome from 21 November 2015 to 5 January 2016, 9am to 9pm daily. Conservatory charges apply. Do note that visitors with "The Future of Us" tickets (which is an exhibition in GB opening on 1 December) are entitled to 40% GB Conservatory tickets

The Christmas Pyramid

Feeling a little lost over the vastness of the place? Don't worry, here's a copy of the map you can download and/or refer to.

For more information of Christmas Wonderland in GB, please refer to:

Scott & Witty Wirkky: A Young Inventor's Quest

[Book Review]

We received this book “Scott & Witty Wirky: A Young Inventor’s Quest” this month with great delight. It is a thin book, 136 pages, but full of gems. I passed the book to AJ to read first without much expectation. It turned out that he loved the book very much. I urged him to write a review so you’ll get two perspectives here - one from me, one from him. Here you go!

What AJ says:

The story is about a boy named Scott. He is ten years old. He has an invisible friend, Witty Wikky, who follows Scott everywhere, even to his school. He is usually invisible to everyone, except Scott. If Wikky wants to be your friend, he will be visible to you. He knows everything. He is like an invisible dictionary or encyclopaedia who appears when there is something to be explained.

Because of that, throughout the book, there are many explanations and definitions, and if you read the book, you can expand your vocabulary, grammar, and general knowledge.

One particular section of the book that that I like very much is the problem solving invention. One day, Scott's teacher gave the class an assignment: "Solving Real-Life Problems with Inventions". Scott came up with four inventions. Scott's teacher also wanted them to build a prototype and design a poster on this invention. The teacher highlighted that if their inventions are up to scratch, they can consider applying for the Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors' Award.

Scott submitted the Reversible Window that could allow house owners to clean exterior window panes with ease. His project got shortlisted and what's more, he won! I am so happy for Scott because I think that was an excellent invention as well! This story inspires me to think of some problem solving inventions too! Maybe I will think about it this school holiday.
This is really an interesting book and I have learnt quite a number of new words and idioms in this book. I would recommend it to higher primary students.

What Jenn says:

I like the flow of the story, how difficult words and concepts were introduced and explained in a creative and humorous manner. The main character is Scott, the book started by introducing his school friend, Ang Ming Pok (A.M.P). Ming Pok has the habit of malingering and procrastinating. These two big words were aptly explained and illustrated over 14 pages. The author uses A.M.P (initials of Ang Ming Pok) creatively to represent Always Malingering & Procrastinating (A.M.P). What a cool way to remember bombastic words!

In the latter part of the book, Scott’s cousin, Skylar, was introduced. With her appearance, came more bombastic words and terms tactically inserted into the storyline. Children who read the book get to learn these words and terms through the story.

The highlight of the book is of course Scott’s invention of the Reversible Window. My family was using Reversible Window in our home without knowing it was an invention of a young boy! When this was mentioned, I could fully associate with the functionality of this invention. It was indeed a clever design.

The book also explained about the Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors’Award and the Nobel Prize at length, thus enabling children who read it not only comprehend the Awards, but also the famous award winners.

It is one very educational and informative book for children in upper primary to read. It is jam-packed with life lessons, vocabulary expansion and general knowledge. If you want a break from the usual novel reading, this could be a good pick.

This book is available online. You could purchase it at S$13 each via the link below. Please use promo code: WS986730 to enjoy free delivery in Singapore.

Scott & Witty Wikky: A Young Inventor's Quest
Author: Perry Gee
Illustrator: Sparky Animation
ISBN: 978-981-4733-06-9 
More about Scott & Witty Wikky:

Never Lose Them Again With StickerKid


I recalled when my son first started Primary 1, he lost his water bottles thrice over three days. Fortunately they were recovered. There was even once he nearly wore the wrong shoes because his classmate had the same shoes and size as him. Other than those mentioned, he lost pencils and erasers numerous times. It was a common scene, many of my mummy friends told me. I guess so too. But I thought I could have done more, that is, to tag all of my son’s belonging to save the anxiety. Back then I didn’t know of such wonderful product called StickerKid.

AJ is going to a new school next year. Though he is now 3 years older, I am not taking any chance. Now that I have StickerKid to alleviate my anxiety over losing items, I am more sure that there would be less chance of losing things or lost items be recovered faster. 

StickerKid is a Swiss company and every sticker that you are going to order comes from there. The customized stickers can withstand dishwasher, washing machine and dryer, they are of superb condition (each label is protected with a thin plastic layer to ensure it withstand any challenge)! 

Is your child going to Childcare Centre, Kindergarten or Primary 1 next year? You should really look into these stickers and start labelling your child’s belonging.

The Discover Stickerkid package (pack of 94 stickers) which consists of 60 small stickers (46 x 6 mm), 14 shoe stickers (38 x 40 mm)and 20 clothing stickers (48 x 12 mm) is going at $19.95 only. Don't just take my word for it, go on and try. It is truly value-for-money!

Ordering is just as simple. The instructions are clear and what you see is what you get.

Delivery takes about 2 weeks, so if you are planning for 2016, it may be good to start ordering now. The labels will be arriving via normal postage. Enjoy your online shopping and do recommend it to your friends if you find the quality good! Good things are meant to share! 

Enjoy 10% discount on your labels with this promo code

10discountSGSTICKERKID "

Year End Jubilee Celebrations with National Gallery Singapore

[Media Invite]

National Gallery Singapore (NGS), which has been beautifully restored and transformed from the former Supreme Court and City Hall buildings, will be opened on 24th November 2015 (Tuesday) with a string of diverse programme and activities to captivate you! It is the first museum in the world dedicated to Southeast Asian modern art, so you can expect to enjoy a differentiated art experience as you explore and appreciate art and its history.

To celebrate its opening, NGS will open its two permanent galleries, the DBS Singapore Gallery and the UOB Southeast Asia Gallery free of charge to the public for two weeks (24 November to 6 December 2015). There will also be over 20 free events and activities with Art Carnival and grand facade show.

Not to be missed is the 10-minute 'Share the Hope' Facade Show, a grand audio visual production designed with inspiration from the art in the Gallery, from 27 to 29 November at 8, 9 and 10pm. Be prepared to be captivated by the stunning displays of light, sound and visuals set against the  backdrop of the newly transformed NGS.

During the same 3-day period, the iconic Padang will be transformed into a block party with thematic landscapes for artists and art lovers from 5pm to midnight. Expect to experience the rich heritage and history of Singapore and Southeast Asian art beyond the walls of the Gallery with a weekend of interactive art installations, community art workshops and artisanal treats.

 This customised 9-footer Steinway Concert Grand Piano is a gift from DBS/POSB to the Sing50 Fund. It made its debut on 7th August 2015 at the Sing50 Mega Concert.

In addition, the exploration of the Gallery spaces and art will be enhanced by the new Gallery Explorer mobile app which the public can download for free from Apple’s App Store now and from Google Play Store shortly after. This is one cool app that enables intelligent indoor navigation across the Gallery’s 64,000 sqm area, proactively giving information on the art within the vicinity. It gives a preview of up to 100 artworks from the Gallery! Through Bluetooth-enabled beacon technology, a visitor's proximity to an artwork can trigger the presentation of additional relevant content via the app. The app is also integrated with social media capabilities, allowing users to share their experiences with friends and create conversations about the art at the museum.

Drying Salted Fish - 
This iconic painting is also featured on the back of Singapore's $50 bank note.

Can't wait to get into NGS? Enjoy your free entry from 24 November till 6 December 2015 by booking your ticket online at now!

Exhibition Opening Hours
Mon-Thurs, Sun and Public Holidays  10am to 7pm
Fri, Sat and Eve of Public Holidays     10am to 10pm (till 11pm from 24 November to 6 December 2015)

The Wonders of Nutrition and Roadmaps to Recovery

[Book Recommendation]

Meet Dr. Ang Poon Liat – an unconventional doctor, despite 45 years in practice.  By unconventional, I mean that his views and recommendations are not what you will usually expect of a medical doctor. Most medical doctors do not follow or do nutritional research and will adhere to what they had been taught in medical schools decades ago. Dr. Ang, on the other hand, knows that true well-being cannot be achieved by medicine alone. He takes interest in nutrition and is a strong believer that one of the foundations for good health is good nutrition.

There is very strong evidence that many of our modern diseases are directly caused by poor nutritional practices.  Our children today are already the 8th generation fed on processed modern foods since the Industrial Revolution began in the 1760's. Their bodies have reached zero tolerance for any more processed foods. Because of this, we are seeing many of these chronic degenerative diseases, including obesity, diabetics, heart disease, chronic inflammatory diseases, cancer as well as mental and behavioural disorders like autism, Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder, Alzheimer, schizophrenia, etc. Scientists are concerned that that the children today may die from these chronic diseases before their parents. The good news is: these acquired diseases can largely be reversed with a change of diet. A nutrient-rich diet of natural, unprocessed foods is the way to go.

I am thankful for an opportunity to attend Dr. Ang’s talk (organised by Rise and Shine) on 7th Nov and a face-to-face interview with him together with 2 other moms after the talk. Together, we asked him some burning questions that we, as moms, have.

With Cindy, Charlene and Dr. Ang

Dr Ang believes that while this generation is living with the fear of being diagnosed with cancer, the future generation is likely to be plagued with behavioural and mental disorder, like those disorder mentioned above. He boldly made that statement based on his 40 over years of practice as a pediatrician. So he encourages us, mothers, to start feeding our children with brain food, particularly chicken and eggs. And no, not any chicken any eggs, only free range/kampong chicken and free range/kampong eggs. The kampong chicken get to exercise (roam about) and enjoy sun bath/fresh air unlike caged chicken which have none of these. Kampong chicken feed on worms while caged chicken feed on corn/grains. Kampong chicken are also not given antibiotics or hormones injection. Kampong chicken give kampong chicken eggs. One distinct difference of a kampong chicken egg as opposed to a ‘normal’ egg is in the yolk. A kampong chicken egg yolk is orange in colour while the other type is yellow.

Dr. Ang went on to share that how food is prepared affects the nutrient level too! He advocates stewed, boil or steam as high temperature cooking destroys the nutrients. So what is Dr. Ang’s typical breakfast? A glass of vegetable juice, two soft-boiled eggs and a pack of natto (fermented soybeans). And he exercises everyday. Truly, a doctor who walks the talk!

Dr. Ang also strongly encourages us to eat wild caught fish and grass-fed meat, besides kampong chicken and eggs. But it wouldn’t come cheap eating wild caught fish and grass-fed meat, so I asked him how could we go about doing that so that it is easier on our pockets. His solution? Eat smaller fish. When one goes to the market, try asking the fishmongers for wild caught fishes that are smaller, they are much cheaper. Eat grass-fed meat only once in a while, and try to cook your meals at home as often as possible.

I also asked him how do we manage a more balance diet if we have to eat out. He said, if we can’t afford restaurant food, hawker food is a lot better than fast food restaurant. As a general guide, choose soup-based, non-fried, rice instead of noodles, more vegetables, no gravy/sauce, etc. 

I’m very thankful to be able to attend this talk arranged by Rise and Shine, and to be able to have a closed session with Dr. Ang. There is so much more to learn from him and I am glad that he has penned them all down in his books.

If you are keen to buy a copy of the set (which I would strongly encourage you to), you may get them from Thomson Medical Centre or  

The books are retailed at S$80. All profits will be channelled to charity.