Valentine's Day Date with National Heritage Board

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Are you curious how some of our historic buildings became National Monuments? I'm sure you do.  I'm also quite sure you want your children to know too.  

Asian Civilisations Museum
Photo credit: Wikipedia

Why don't we all make a date with the National Heritage Board this February 14, Valentine's Day, to find out?  The Preservation of Sites and Monuments Division (PSM) of the National Heritage Board has prepared an educational programme that will bring us to explore some of the historic buildings that became National Monuments on 14 February 1992 (23 years ago!).  These buildings include the National Museum of Singapore, Singapore Art Museum, Old Parliament House, Asian Civilisations Museum and the Victoria Theatre and Victoria Concert Hall. This programme aims to help families bond together through a race and some hands-on activities, and to generate interest in some of Singapore’s most important landmarks. Participants will also stand to win attractive prizes!

This is such a rare educational programme and I am sure you and your children will benefit a lot from it.  So while you plan for a candle light dinner with your partner that evening, you can have a meaningful family outing in the morning with your children too!  To register, please email your name, age and contact no. to  Registration is FREE, but spaces are limited, so do act fast!

Bosch - Invented for Life

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We are hoping that we could move out of our house in the east to somewhere in the central north or north west this year.  The hubs works in the far north and travelling time to and fro is long.  He doesn't mind the travelling time per se, but he laments that he has little time in the weekday evening with AJ because of that. 

We have another apartment in the central north receiving its temporary occupancy permit (T.O.P) soon but I'm not sure if we are going to move in or rent it out because it is a smaller unit. 

Anyway, when it comes to household stuff, it is good for me to learn more about the new technologies available in the market that can help me to do more in lesser time while saving me more money in the long run.  And should we decide to move to that smaller unit, I need to know what are the white goods available in the market that can achieve more, take up less space, quiet and yet, save me money (in terms of energy efficiency).  I was more than happy to receive an invitation from Bosch's for such a learning experience. 

At the launch event, I was first treated to the Juice counter where I drowned myself to the wholesome fruit juices made by the staff with the Vita-Juice 4 Juicer (RRP $349).  Though it has a powerful 1000 watt motor, the juicer operates quietly.  It's great to know that you can have a glass of fresh juice in the early morning without having to wake the whole family up!  With its 1.5 litre juice jug, it is sufficient to feed a family of 6 or more at one go!

Seen here is the Vita-Juice 4 Juicer

I have a blender at home, but not a handheld one.  I was excited to have my hands on this Red Dot Product Design 2014 award winner - Bosch MaxoMIxx Hand Blender (RRP $219) to experience how easy it is to use.  The ergonomic non-slip soft touch handle fit into my skinny hand really well.  It can blend, dice ingredients like herbs, nuts, onions, meat and cheese, and it can even crush ice cubes!  I can imagine how convenient it is for a small family of 3 or 4 to have such a darling at home!


I managed to catch a glimpse of how Chef John See stiff egg whites with Bosch's cream of the crop - MaxxiMUM Sensor Control (RRP $1699).  Because it is sensor control, it will stop beating as soon as the desired result is achieved.  How cool was that? 


The highlight of the event has to be this In'genius ProSilence Bagged Vacuum Cleaner (RRP $649).  This babe allows you to vacuum while listening to music, enjoy an uninterrupted conversation and not wake up a sleeping child.  It has a radius of action of 15 metres so you can reach the most remote corners without having to switch sockets.  Its 5-litre capacity means you don't have to replace it often.  The integrated HEPA filter does not need to be replaced (say what?!), you only need to wash the filter and reuse.  The cost for replacement filters are totally eliminated!  No wonder it is a Genius!

A runway with a twit with models parading not fashion but Bosch vacuum cleaners

Before I left, I took a photo with this rather tame tiger, hoping that I could impress my boy on my bravery.

"Mummy, don't try to trick me lah.  This tiger is not real.  See! The image of the tiger is so sharp but the rest of the objects are so blur."

Okay, it looks like he isn't impressed.  But I am impressed ... ... with Bosch. :)

Gardens By The Bay East and South Cycle Track

As much as I dread school reopening, I have to admit that with AJ in school, I do have more me-time.  Since I resolved to be fitter this year, I wasted no time to exercise in the pockets of time that I have on hand.

On the first day of school, after dropping AJ off, I paddled from his school all the way to Gardens by the Bay South.  It was more than 15km both ways, with many awesome postcard-perfect view along the way.  As the day was still chilling, the breeze blowing from the sea made the cycling trip both enjoyable yet tiring as I had to cycle against the wind!

The track highlighted in black here is about 4.5km.
If you have a foldable bike, the Stadium MRT station is one possible starting point.

I saw a spaceship landed here, with some aliens crawling out.
I paddled harder, before I got caught spying.
Nice imagination.  But, don't you think the Sports Hub does look like a spaceship?

This is the iconic view from Gardens by the Bay East or Marina East

The 2 domes of Gardens by the Bay South.
Do you know which is the Flower Dome and which is the Cloud Forest?

I paddled even faster to catch the view here at the bridge connecting Marina East to Marina Barrage.  On one side, this was the view.

And here, on the other side, caught the sunrise.

And finally, I reached Gardens by the Bay South!  First stop, kopi at Satay by the Bay, anyone?

I am considering to get AJ to cycle with me via the same route.  But I'm concerned if he has the stamina to do a 2-way route because we do not have foldable bikes thus we can't fold our bikes and take a train to cut short the cycling route.  Do you have any suggestions?

If you live in the east or south, or don't mind travelling down to this area, this is one good stretch of cycling route for you and your family.  The route along Gardens by the Bay East or Marina East is a very straight and wide path with fantastic view along the way.  You may even consider a picnic or fly a kite at Marina Barrage when you get there.  Otherwise, your little ones could enjoy some water play at Gardens by the Bay Far East Organisation Children's Playground.  I'm sure it will be a half-a-day family outing full of outdoor fun!

Home Delivery with Food Panda


I am someone who love the convenience of Internet business.  I prefer to buy e-books than physical books to minimise cluttering, I prefer to do Internet banking whenever possible than to go to the bank physically, I prefer to do online shopping than to shop in brick and mortar and I prefer to order food online than to go to the restaurant/cafe to buy.  It is not because I'm lazy, it is because I value my time.  I would rather trade money for time if the monetary value is within my budget.  With the additional time on hand, I can do a lot more things like reading research reports, reading a good book, exercise or spending time with AJ, which, in most time is invaluable.

On New Year day itself, I invited a few close friends from church to my house for a casual lunch.  I opt for dinning in instead of eating out so that everyone could stay on a little longer to chit chat.

#save1hourSG to do homelearning stuff

Thanks to Food Panda, I need not cook up a storm.  I simply browsed through their website to gather an idea what to order the night before and then placed my order on New Year's day morning (advanced order).  All I have to do is to prepare some sides dishes at home.  Easy peasy.  The time saved was used to supervise AJ's online's homelearning stuff.  I was glad that there was no stress over the preparation of meal and that I could supervise his work at peace.

I love the fact that I could do advance order.  It certainly makes planning for party/gathering easier.

The food arrived slightly earlier than expected which was great!

Post from Instagram

I have also downloaded Food Panda application on my phone.  Here are some interesting findings:

Once I typed in my postal code, a list of restaurant serving my areas will be displayed.
And  It means lots of choices!

Occasionally, the app will alert me of offers!

I really love this service and I am looking forward to the next gathering at my place.  Hosting at home has become so easy and convenient for me, I'm sure I will make a better host next time!

* This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are my own.

Starting the New Year with JOY! Beethoven's 9th Symphony (SG50)

Exactly 1 year ago, I wrote about how AJ crossed paths with Adrian Tan, the Music Director of the Singapore Wind Symphony (SWS), the Braddell Heights Symphony Orchestra (Singapore) (BHSO) & the Saigon Philharmonic (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam).  Finally, 1 year on, I was able to ask him some intimate aspects about his past, and he graciously obliged:

1) What made you joined Navy? Isn't it strange that you then decide to major in Theatre Studies, a subject that seems completely unrelated to your chose career, for your Bachelor's degree?

I am the only child in a single-parent family and my Mum had to bear the heavy burden of raising me. When I was at Victoria Junior College, I took Theatre Studies & Drama (TSD) for my 'A' levels. This was not as widely accepted then as it is now, but my Mum had always only offered advice, but let me make my own decisions in life so long as it was within our family's means. When I enlisted for National Service, it did not even occur to me at all that there was a chance that I would have a professional military career.  In BMT, there are talks organised by the various services to recruit regular officers - and to be honest, the scholarship schemes, salary and benefits were very attractive. I was initially interested in what the Air Force & Navy had to offer but when the Navy recruitment officer brought us to Tuas Naval Base to visit the Missile Corvette RSS VICTORY (which I had the privilege of being 2nd-in-Command many years later), I was really impressed and was rather swept up by the romantic idea of a life at sea. Also, I knew that if I was awarded some kind of scholarship by the SAF and have a regular salary while I was in University, it would really lighten the financial load on my Mum. So I indicated my interest and applied, but the contract was conditional on doing well enough in BMT to be selected for Officer Cadet School (OCS). I was selected, and as they say the rest is history.

When I was deciding what course to enrol in for my Bachelor's degree, I had no doubt that I wanted to be in the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences. History, Literature and Theatre were subjects I loved - so I just picked all the modules that I was interested in, which therefore made these modules easy for me. I ended up doing a double major in Theatre & Philosophy. Eventually, I did well enough to graduate with an honours degree and an academic prize for outstanding achievement in Theatre. When I returned to the Navy after I graduated, I was constantly asked about why I chose to major in Theatre. I made up a joke about how I thought the SAF was all 'wayang' so I thought majoring in Theatre would make me a professional in it! 

Jokes aside, many have the misconception that the Arts are all 'airy-fairy' and that is far from the truth. The kind of discipline it takes for a pianist to learn how to play the solo part for a Rachmaninoff piano concerto, and the kind of planning and teamwork it takes to mount a full-scale musical rivals the kind of discipline, planning and teamwork in any military unit. In a way, working with creative people enabled me to 'think out of the box' and being innovative, not just  being regimental or obedient, is just as prized as an attribute in the modern armed forces. I found that I could apply what I learnt in Theatre and what I learnt in my Navy years interchangeably, and often helped me gain interesting perspectives. 

If there's anything I've come to realise from that episode that I really want to tell parents - is that an education should not purely be about preparing a child for a future job. I don't think many 18 or 21 year olds really know what they are good when they choose their educational path. What is really important is for them to be really engaged in the subject they choose, so they not only REALLY but also learn how to learn because their curiosity would drive them further. This really broadens up the capacity of a young person, and not just their competency and qualification. The world is changing so rapidly. 10 years ago, there was no such job as an "App Developer". So how could anyone prepare themselves for such a booming industry via their education 10 years ago? Therefore, it is really important to develop a young person's character and values, their capacity to learn and their capabilities (like leadership, analytical thinking, creativity) during their years in school. 

2) What/who encouraged you to leave Navy after 10 years & took up conducting course in Sydney?

First of all, I have to say that all in all I had a really fulfilling career as a Naval Officer. Sure, it had its ups and downs. Believe me, on a day with rough seas, you spend every waking minute regretting your decision to sign on! I learnt a lot, experienced a lot and had the privilege of serving under some truly inspiring commanders. The last few years of my career were really the high points - I relished the opportunities I was given and enjoyed going to work. 

But truth be told, I had a passion for music since I was quite young. I joined a neighbourhood Chinese Orchestra when I was 11 years old and learnt to play the Dizi & Sanxian. When I went to Raffles Institution, I joined the Military Band and learnt to play the Saxophone. Later I was given my first opportunity to conduct the band in VJC, I realised how much I loved it. A very wise teacher gave me this advice when I told him I wanted to be a musician during JC: "If there was anything else you can do well besides music, go and do that something else, don't do music". Why? He explained that you can be a doctor, still love music and be a very active amateur musician in your free time. But you can't be a professional musician, and be an amateur doctor in your free time. Music is a really tough career, and even for the most talented ones, an uphill one with little certainty. He told me "only if you wake up in the morning, and know in your heart that you will never be truly happy unless you spend every minute of every waking hour till you sleep, thinking about and making music  - THEN, you can become a musician." 

You may not believe me - but one day I woke up feeling exactly like that. Then it was just a matter of making a choice between my happiness and a good stable career, and the choice was surprisingly easy for me. Frankly, it was easy because I enjoyed my job so much, and it had given me the opportunities to learn about myself and  build up my confidence. But I knew I needed a new adventure so I had to move on. Many people think about changing jobs because they hate what they do - but that's really not a good reason. If you change because you want to run away from something you like, you may develop the habit of wanting to bolt every time something becomes too hot to handle. People do well usually because they want to do well - and to 'want' or 'not want' is often within our control if we are prepared to pay the price for our decisions. That may mean working harder, having a less materially comfortable lifestyle or delaying some life choices. So I chose with my eyes open, and haven't regretted a moment since.

3) What advice would you give to parents with young children that have just started off playing or learning musical instruments?

Well, for a start I'd want to know WHY parents make their children learn to play music in the first place! I'm a huge believer that every child should learn learn music as part of their basic education - but only for the right reasons, and when the learning objectives are correct. I am told that some parents think that learning music makes their children smarter, or pay for piano lessons as a kind of status symbol. Those reasons are certainly not right, even though the children may inadvertently gain from their music lessons if they are lucky to have a good teacher.

The ancient Chinese wanted their scholars to be well versed in 四艺(琴棋书画)referring to the four arts of music, chess, calligraphy & painting. In the west, from antiquity to the Renaissance, the Quadrivium (numbers, geometry, music & cosmology) was the model for a classical education. It is not a coincidence that music appears in both. Music requires you to deal with complex mathematical thought processes and the creative ability to express ideas and emotion at the same time. So make sure your children are doing that when they learn and play music - not merely imitate what they hear on a recording or developing muscle memory. If they do that, then at least music will really become something that will engage their minds, their hearts and become way for them to communicate with another human being. 

If the child is exceptionally talented or passionate about it, and it is clear that he/she wants to spend a lot more time on music, or even become a professional in the future - it is important they they balance the need to have technical mastery of their instrument or learning new pieces of music, with the development of other domains. They need to love to listen to music, not just classical but all kinds of music, they need to develop a curiosity about the history of music and the science/technology behind instruments and sounds ... the list just goes on and on, but most of all, they need to be given the chance to live their lives like any other child would with enough time to play with their friends, read, watch TV, be naughty and get a scolding, fall in love for the first time, so on and so forth. A good musician needs to have something to say, not just the means to say it. As a musician matures, it is his/her memories, his good taste, his sense of curiosity, adventure and humour that make him or her an artist. Sadly, if he or she has missed all that because of being locked up for 8 hours in a practice room as a child, then there's no way to get it back.

4) In yr opinion, what are the prospects for young musicians in S'pore, say 10 years from now?

I think the prospects are GREAT - and let me tell you why.

I really do believe that every child needs to learn music, but I certainly don't think every child, not necessarily even every child who is actually good at playing music, should make a profession of it. I think the advice I was given was actually mostly right. Music is really a calling - like the most important and essential human professions in the world like healing the sick, teaching the young, inventing and building things. I don't know if we will need App Developers in 10 years, but I know there will be musicians, in one form or other, for as long as there are people.

One of the things that get on my nerves these days is when someone finds out what I do for a living and remarks "Wah, you're so lucky that you're chasing your dreams!" What this person does not realise is how hard musicians have to work, how life can be filled with anxiety when you don't know when is your next gig, and what you will lose if you cannot continue to play music as a livelihood - but I've learnt to let it go. We do need to believe in ideals. We need to believe that someone can 'chase a dream' even if I can't. Do you really want to live in a society where everyone only does something because it is practical or they have to in order to stay alive? 

The truth is, there have never been a time when there was, and there never will be a time when there are enough paying jobs for musicians. The livelihood of professional musicians will always be subjected to prevailing tastes and the state of the economy. It's not a fact that most talented or most skilled will definitely prevail - we know there are really good musicians who find it hard to land a job, while other mediocre ones may make a good living. No degrees prestigious schools or famous teachers can guarantee anything. It's going to be tough - and that's when knowing and believing in WHY you are doing what you are doing really makes all the difference. Those of us who have that kind of relationship with music may still complain a lot - but given a choice, we'd still pick this life over another, maybe easier path because we feel it is a privilege, and a blessing so it can only be great. There will be ups and downs because good times, like bad times never last forever - musicians need to roll with it themselves just like everyone else, and make the kind of music that will fuel the wildest celebratory parties, comfort those who have lost something precious, and record down our stories to be remembered by future generations. 

In the mood of celebrating SG50, Adrian would also like to share with you an upcoming concert by BHSO on 25 Jan (Sun).

“JOY!”, the “Overture in C – The Story of Story” offers a rare glimpse into Mr Monteiro’s rich and diverse musical personality. Incorporating a line from the well-loved national song, “One People, One Nation, One Singapore”, which he composed in 1990, the Overture tells the history of Singapore – how the country began from a sleepy fishing village through to modern day.

“JOY!” will culminate in the performance of Ludwig van Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 in D minor. The symphony is often best known for the theme, “Ode to Joy”, featured in the choral finale of the last movement, inspiring hope and joy among audiences worldwide. Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 will be presented by the 80-strong orchestra, comprising primarily amateur musicians with a passion for music, and will be conducted by music director and conductor, Adrian Tan. The orchestra will be joined by soloists as well as trained and amateur singers of “The Joy Chorale”, formed by the Singapore community, and led by chorus mistress, Khor Ai Ming.

Tickets are available through SISTIC
Student/Senior Citizen/NSF: $8
Standard: $15
Package of 2: $12 each
Package of 4: $10 each
10% discount for PAssion Card 

Other Information
Braddell Heights Symphony Orchestra Website:
Braddell Heights Symphony Orchestra Facebook Fanpage:
Adrian Tan Facebook Fanpage:

20mins Fast and Simple Breakfast Suggestions for Primary School Children

How have your children's first day of school been?  Some started on 2nd Jan, some starts today.  Some in the morning session, some in the afternoon session.  By 2016 (which is next year), all primary schools should operate in single session, i.e. morning session (news here).  It's a dread for some to wake up in the wee hour in the morning. Some schools are kind enough to start school at 8am or 8 plus, but the majority of them is 7 plus. Schools are given the autonomy to decide.  But to me, starting school at 7 plus is quite insane.

"What's for breakfast, mum?"  asked the enthusiastic boy who willingly crawled out of his bed at 6am. 

No, this does not happen in our household.  I dread waking up at 6am to prepare breakfast for the school going boy who has to be in school by 7.15am.  I wish all mainstream schools can follow those International schools & start their lessons at 8.30am instead.  Anyway this post is not for ranting.  I'm sharing here with you some breakfast that AJ has been eating in the wee hour of the morning during school days.

I believe breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially after a fast of about 10 hours, the boy needs to eat something nourishing to his body to prepare for the long day ahead.  His recess is at 9.30am, which is very late for breakfast since he wakes up so early.  Besides, most of the time the boy is too eager to play than to sit down to have a proper meal.  At times the teachers would also drag the lessons thus eating into the recess time (shorter recess as a result).  Of course, there are times the boy was being punished so he had to stay back to clean up the classroom during recess time.  So, to miss a proper breakfast is a no-no.  But I am also not-so-willing to sacrifice too much of my beauty sleep to wake up very early to prepare a sumptuous breakfast.  So I have to succumb to quickie.

(1) Oats
We all know that oats are good for health, so we eat this about twice or thrice a week.  Whether you want pipping hot oats or cold overnight oats, they can be prepared under 15 minutes.

Warm oats (left) and cold overnight oats (right)

You may add in fresh fruits, dried fruits, nuts, seeds, cocoa powder/baking chocolate chips, etc to create varieties and make them more interesting.  Here are some links for the recipes:

1) Overnight oats with chia seeds and fresh berries
2) Banana nuts warm oatmeal
3) Blueberries, nuts and chia seeds warm chocolate oatmeal

If you have the time to make steel-cut oats, it would be best because it is the least processed oats available.  But, 20mins will not be enough.  :P

(2) Eggs
I love eggs! It is the cheapest source of proteins (for muscles building) and is very versatile.

From top left to bottom right: hard-boiled eggs, soft-boiled eggs, french toast, fried egg sandwich, scramble egg and ham & egg bake.

Preparing egg breakfast can be quite simple.  I try to give me give AJ an egg a day (in any meals).  If your child loves hard-boiled or soft-boiled eggs, simply have 2 eggs and a slice of bread and off she/he goes. On some days you may like to do french toast, fry an egg and make a sandwich, scramble 2 eggs or make a ham and egg toast!  Here are some links for your reference:

1) Fried egg and cheese sandwich

2) Ham & egg bake
3) Egg wrap

(3) Yoghurt
Unless you make your own yoghurt, Greek yoghurt is perhaps the only best yoghurt commercially available.  This tangy, creamy yoghurt is loaded with calcium and boasts plenty of protein.  It is best to get plain ones and add your own fresh fruits, dried fruits, organic/home-made jam, chocolate spread, nuts and seeds.

(4) Bananas
Surprise to see this in the list?  This yellow fruit, besides providing fiber, provides healthy carbohydrates too, so it keeps your little ones fuller longer.  Slice it up, add it to oatmeal or yoghurt.  Or top them up on a slice of bread spread with peanut butter and you get a peanut butter banana sandwich. Awesome, right?  Banana makes good smoothies too. 

Banana peanut butter sandwich (left) and Banana soy smoothie
Here are some links that you may like to check out:

1) Pita Banana
2) Banana soy smoothie
3) Banana breakfast oatmeal bar

(5) Others
Of course, you could also make ham & cheese sandwich, cheese sandwich/wrap, tuna sandwich/wrap, bake your own muffins (the night before), make your own granola bars (the night before), toast with soup, etc.  The important thing is to keep it healthy, the less processed the food item the better.

Reference here

Reference here

I don't suggest quick fix of boxed cereal that you can purchase from supermarkets and here's the reasons why.  

Do you have any breakfast suggestion that one can prepare under 20mins? Please share if you have.  I'm sure it will benefit many sleep-deprived mummies here.  :)

Welcome 2015


Welcome 2015!

As we aged, we realised that time passed by faster than we wanted it to be. Maybe it was because we couldn't move faster as compared to our younger days, so time managed to catch up easily.  Maybe it was the deterioration of our memory, we lost track of time.  Whatever it might be, 2015 is here, let us embrace it.

Do you have a New Year Resolution? Care to share?

I don't set resolution, because I think after 365 days (and a quarter), I am unlikely to remember it.  But there are a few things I wish I could achieve, yes, wish/hope/pray hard.  Here they are:

1) To be fitter, healthier, and hopefully leaner
It is easy to do this in the beginning of the year but I wonder if I can pull through the whole of 2015.  I have started doing some Yoga poses at home, some stretching and mini workouts at home with online videos, in addition to my weekly pilates classes.  I try to jog once a week.  I also installed an app to keep my meal diary, to monitor what I eat and the food composition.  I document my fitness and wellness journey in Dayre.  If you would like, you may follow me (

2) To spend more time supervising AJ's school work
The first 2 years of primary school life was over, the honeymoon period was over, more serious work starts in primary 3.  In the last 2 years, I had been very relax with AJ's school work.  I hardly revised spelling with him, I just test him spontaneously.  Some days we even forgot there were spelling.  I never revised with him his tests and exams.  I was this relaxed with him in term of his school works.

But this year will be different.  Science is added.  Model drawing for Math is added.  There is higher expectation when it comes to Languages.  I have to supervise his work closely for sure.

3) To complete my Certificate in Bible Studies awarded by FEBC
I have been doing night classes, day classes and online classes in Far Eastern Bible Colleague (FEBC) on and off for the last hmm... ... 20 years.  I took a long haitus in between because of my overseas studies and AJ.  Now that AJ has gone to school for former education, I have the time to resume my studies.

4) To focus on trading
Ever since I was exposed to the financial market in 2007 where I started working as a Remiser, I fell in love with the stock market.  My passion in trading grew, I got more and more interested in honing my trading skills.  I left the industry in 2011 but the interest didn't die.  

Many people think the stock market is dangerous and that it is likened a gambling den.  Well, if you do not posses the skills, your winning stake is 50/50, thus it is a gambling den to you.  If you buy a stock based just on analysts' reports or rumours in the market, yes it is a gambling den to you.

But I treat it as my business.  In any business, we buy inventories at low prices and we sell them at higher prices (or sell higher first and buy at lower prices later like in the case of advance order).  Before business can be established, market research is necessary.  And so will I do my research on the companies and the broad market sentiment.  I read my charts and I studied the behaviour of the stocks.  So to me, trading is not gambling.  Trading is my business.  And this year I am going to focus my time more in this, which gives me the income.

While I trade, I also do value investing.  But I do value investing through a boutique fund manager because I find that trading is my forte, value investing is not.  So it is best to leave it to the professional to do it for me.  My husband and I engaged Aggregate Asset Management to handle this for us.  The reason why we select them is pretty simple.  They don't charge sales commission and management fee.  We pay only performance fee if the current year's performance super-cedes the previous year's.  They are so confident of their capabilities that they dare to do this.  As for me, as long as I received value increased in my investment month after month, I am pretty satisfied.  To-date, the return is more than 10% p.a.

Aggregate Asset Management has a high profile candidate in their team.  She is Teh Hooi Ling, a former high flying senior editor of Singapore’s foremost financial daily (The Business Times).  She is a 22-year veteran in financial reporting.  She now heads the research team in Aggregate and is also their Executive Director.

In her 22 years with Singapore Press Holdings, she wrote countless financial articles.  This book "$how Me the Money" is a collection of 45 articles that she has written for the past 22 years in The Business Times Investment Column.  Each article covers a few investment principles that young investors should take note of. A short book review can be found in Straits Times Press here.

The Aggregate Asset Management team has graciously offered 1 copy for one of my lucky readers.  If you would like to win a copy of this book, please follow the steps in Rafflecopter below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

PS.  Draw will end 6th Jan 2359.  This book is also available in the public libraries.  However, you probably need to make a reservation for it because it is really hot.

Congratulations to Chuyan Kwek!
You have won for yourself this copy.  I will mail the book to you.