iLight @ Marina Bay

We went to iLight Marina Bay last night to catch the Asia's 1st & only sustainable light art festival, featuring 28 innovative & environmental friendly light art installations. If you have not been there, please do so this weekend as 30 March Sunday is the last day of exhibition. 


It was impossible for us to visit every instalment in less than 3 hours.  So if you have time constrain, do plan your route.  You could start from route A (instalments that state 'A') or route B (instalments that state 'B')

Celebration of Life


Laser lightings (not part of iLight)

Digital Wattle



Floating Hearts

The Guardian Hearts

Happy Croco

The Wishing! Tree

The Pool

Time 7.30pm - 11pm (please note that during earth hour today, the installations will be turned off from 8.30-9.30pm)
Location: Marina Bay
Nearest MRT: Marina Bay/Raffles Place/Promenade/Downtown
Fee: Free Admission

Symphony 92.4fm Young Talents Project 2014 - Music @ The Mall

AJ received an invitation to perform in Orchard Central Shopping Centre last Saturday 22 March for Symphony 92.4fm Young Talents Project 2014 - Music @ The Mall roadshow.  

Here is a short clip of his performance.

If you have missed out this event last Saturday, then don't miss this weekend's performance!  He will not be playing this weekend but you will get to listen to other young talents.

Event: Symphony 92.4fm Young Talents Project 2014 - Music @ The Mall
Venue: Orchard Central Atrium
Time: 2 - 4pm

[Media Invite] Rakuten Super Bag (Ngee City Civic Plaza 28-30 March)

2 years ago, my ex-superior, Patrick, shared with me his vision was to set up a virtual departmental store that offered an unique shopping experience.  He forsaw a big market in this area as more & more people shopped online.

He did not set up the virtual departmental store, but Rakuten did.  In January this year, Rakuten, Japan's no. 1 online shopping mall, made its presence in Singapore.

The Rakuten Singapore Marketplace currently carries over 100,000 goods from over 150 merchants with a diverse mix of product categories, including fashion apparel & accessories, health & beauty products, consumer electronics, toys & games, food & beverages & home furniture. 

To celebrate its launch in Singapore, the e-commerce giant has brought together the best of its Japanese & local merchants’ products in an experiential showcase called “Rakuten Super Bag” at Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza over 3 days, from  March  28–30.  Set against the ultimate icon of shopping – a larger-than-life Rakuten Shopping Bag installation – the event will give members of the public a taste of what Rakuten has to offer on its Singapore e-commerce site.

I was invited to attend the event launch for media today & am sharing here with you some excitements through my photos.

The pretty fashion buyer of Rakuten (left), the interpreter was wearing Rakuten Direct apparel
& the beautiful host (right)

Models wearing Rakuten Direct apparel

Unique gifts

This one needed no introduction.

Little Xavier was munching Premium Hokkaido Potato Chips. They tasted really good!

Frozen seafood from Japan

Little Xavier was watching the chef demonstrating sushi making.  He couldn't wait to eat!


Do drop by tomorrow or over the weekend to experience this online shopping mall experience.  These are the programmes lined up:

Celebrity Appearances
Can our local celebrities rise up to the culinary test? Join Singapore's top artistes as they whip up Japanese delights under the guidance of chefs from Japanese gourmet merchant Kuriya Fish Market.

28 Mar 6.30pm: Keagan Kang & Paul Foster
29 Mar 5.30pm: Michelle Chia
30 Mar 2.30pm: Wong Lilin

Showcase of more than 300 products from over 40 merchants
Food: Merchant Kuriya Fish Market brings a gorgeous array of fresh fruit, premium seafood, sake and delectable sweets and snacks all the way from Japan.
Fashion: Check out the best of Japanese fashion from Rakuten Direct and more
Home & Living & Kids' Products: Consumer electronics, home furnishing and toys by merchants Parisilk, BLMG and Toys”R”US respectively.

Date: 28-30 March 2014 (Fri - Sun)
Time: 11am – 10pm
Venue: Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza
Admission: Free

Gardens by the Bay - The Cloud Forest

This is a monthly post on 'Educational Places'. Every 4th week of the month I will post on local educational places we have brought AJ to.

Jan - The Coins & Notes Museum
Feb - The NEWater Plant

For a while, I was understudying with Gardens by the Bay (GB) & I do find this Garden unique, something Botanical Gardens & other parks do not offer.  However, I do find the entrance fees to the 2 conservatories ($20 for adult; $12 for children) a little hefty if you simply go in to snap some photos.  Actually, if you are a plant lover, GB has a lot to offer you, which will make the entrance fees worthwhile.

1 of the ways is to tour the Gardens via guided tour.  To make the cost more effective, size matters. So if you have a group size of > 12, do consider this option.

The other way is audio tour.  The conservatories audio tour device is available for rental at $4 each.  AJ used that for his tour as there were only 2 of us.  The audio tour explained how the conservatories were built & the plant type in great details.  The beauty of audio tour is you can listen to it over & over again on topics you like & skip those that you do not like.

The Cloud Forest Conservatory is 58-metre high, replicating real life cloud forest.  The 'mountain' itself is 35-metre. It is cool & moist here, with temperature ranging from 23-25 degree C though it often feel colder because of the waterfall.  Do remember to bring jackets for your little ones.

Here are some plants we have learnt during our educational trip:

At the Foothills

Tasmania Tree Fern

The Tasmania Tree Fern is the largest fern in this conservatory.  What seems like a trunk is actually not a trunk, it is the remains of the earlier decay.  It is a medium for roots to grow.


The Cycad has naked seeds, beetles pollinate them.  They are slow growing & also slow to reproduce.  It is often confused with fern but it is not a fern because it does not have pores.


Magnolia has white flowers & can grow up to 30 cm in diameter.  The flower has a fruity sweet smell. 


Coffee is native to Africa.  It is a shrub that can grow up to 5 metres.  It grows 600 metres above sea level & requires no insects to help in pollination (only lowland plants depend on insects to pollinate). 

The Lost World

This is the highest point of the 'mountain'. The Lost World replicates the cloud forest vegetation at 2000 metres above sea level.  This area gets the most light & air circulation.  Plants grow best here.  The main attractions here are the carnivorous plants.

Pitcher Plant & Trumpet Pitcher

This kind of plant is accustomed to acidic soil which is poor in nutrients. They capture insects to produce nitrogen for food.  They are also called Climber Plants or Ambititis.

Venus Flytrap  

This kind of plant captures & digest insects.  It has tiny hairs in the internal surface.  When the insects touch the hairs, the trap would close within 20 seconds.  The insects are then digested by the enzymes produced.  Digestion would take about 10 days, after which, the trap would open again.

Cloud Walk

If you are afraid of height, you would probably want to skip this & go down by the elevator instead.  Cloud Walk takes you outside the mountain for a closed-up view of the of epiphytes plant species that clad the side of the mountain.


As you walk down from the Lost World via the Tree Top Walk, you may spot some Bromeliad & Medinilla.  Bromeliad belongs to the Pineapple family.  It collects water/dew/mist to supply for the plant.  Frogs like to lay eggs inside too.


Medinilla is a shrub.  It has hanging groups of flowers, which act like an umbrella for the predators.

+5 Degrees

On your way out, you will come to this theatre where they showcase how the world would be like if the temperature were to raise 5 degrees more.  It is a 5-min show & is extremely educational.  It teaches the children the importance of conserving resources.  You may catch a glimpse of the show here:


AJ enjoyed this trip very much as this is his 1st audio tour.  He liked the autonomy of listening to the audio device & select which one to repeat when he has missed out something.  We also visited the Flower Dome & the Supertree Grove, which will be covered in separate posts.

2nd Steinway Youth Piano Competition

AJ participated in this competition recently.  & if you have been enjoying his music & are moved by his performances, may I request you cast your vote for him so that he may win a scholarship at Hungary for a masterclass.  In return, you (voters) will get a chance to win up to $1000 M1 vouchers.

Simply sms   STY<space>S01   to 76333.    Each sms cost 60 cents.  Voting period is now till 20th April 2014.   Thanks a great deal!

Here is his 1-minute video clip: