Shower Show

The content below is R(A), please do not attempt to view if you are below 21!

This is our common bathroom which AJ uses to shower & do his business daily.  As you can see, it is pretty boring. No toys, no fanciful stuffs.  But I think, the lack of it brings out more creativity. Remember how innovative we were when we were young, making 'toys' to play out of what seems useless.

The boy gets creative recently.  He imagined himself as a TV presenter of a show called 'Shower Show'. An educational programme for the very young ones.  Everyday, when I bath him, his show will be on.  Day after day I have been listening & watching this 'programme', until today, I decided to audio tape it.

Please enjoy this 'Shower Show' programme, as much as I have enjoyed it everyday :)


The Timeless Gift

Thinking of giving someone (a young one) a timeless gift? How hard is that? Indeed, it is very hard!

I came to know of this book when I met with Ismail Gafoor in one of his numerous seminars in Aug this year. He was sharing with us what this book was about, & I was sold! Hey! I must get this to read it, & pass it to AJ to read, & stock up in, & ... ...

In our KL trip in Sep, I passed it to AJ to read. He finished it in 2 nights, reading it before bedtime. He was quite glued to it, I must say. Then I asked him to summarise what this book was about.  He struggled a little, because he did not understand what is 'investing' then. Well, he still doesnt quite understand the term, but he has some vague idea after some explanation. But he is very sure he does not want his life to be like Dean, Peter or Tom. He wants to be like Andrew, yea, the character in this book is also named Andrew. AJ knows that his priority now, in this formative & foundation years, is to Study.

It is a blessing to have your child knowing what is his/her priority is (priorities are). This book indeed has served its purpose well.

This is a review of the book done by a 13 YO, child of my friend who has this book too:

The Timeless Gift for a Christmas present to your dearest young ones? Why not?

Blessed 6th Birthday, My Son!

Today is AJ's 6th birthday. I took a little more time than usual to prepare this birthday post, probably because the boy is going P1 next year. It seems like it is a next phase of life, so in this kindy phase, let me do something to remember his 1st 6 years.

We had a dinner celebration with my sister's family on 3 Nov.

On 4 Nov, we brought this 12" x 12" homemade chocolate cake to church to share with our church mates. He loves this cake so much! It has 1 of his favourite cartoon characters & his favourite flavour. Thanks to my friend who was willing to bake this cake for him in a short notice.

Today, we will be bringing him to Explorer Kid. We hope he will enjoy himself.

Lastly, please enjoy the video montage I have done. :-)