The Joy of Learning to Ride

AJ has really gotten into cycling. I can understand the great satisfaction one gets when one can balance on 2 wheels. I was over the moon when I could cycle in my childhood days. I still remember the whole process of learning it. I was so glad that I did not fall at all.

And here he is, cycling non-stop round & round. I have to cut my video because I don’t know when is he going to stop :-)

The Cycling Journey


The father decided one day to remove the 2 side wheels (stablizer) & the foot pedals of AJ's bicycle, converting it to a training bicycle to get AJ to learn balancing. Cool! AJ loves the pedalless bike & within 3 practices he got the hang of it & can balance relatively well. I suggested to the father to put the pedals back, observing that he might be ready to pedal on 2 wheels. Lo & behold! He can balance & pedal indeed! The next thing forward is to have more practices & after that controlling the speed. Woohooo!!!


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