Birthday Present for His Beloved

It was 李婕’s birthday on 16 April. AJ had wanted to give her a birthday present. I suggested a storybook & urged him to work for it. He was enthusiastic about it. Being a slow eater, the natural way to earn $ was to eat faster, within a stipulated time. We only had 3 days to work on it, with most meals outside, so his meals at home, if finished within a stipulated time, would earn him S$1.

Eventually, he earned S$4.50 over 6 meals. We proceeded to Popular bookstore to get a storybook and gotten this as he said this is her favourite story. The book cost S$4.60 after discount so I am donating 10 cents to him to help him top up the purchase.

EG2 勇敢大舞台 - 寻唐记

EG2 勇敢大舞台 - 寻唐记的演出终于结束了. 恩赐还在演出的两天前来个肠胃感冒
, 真是急坏我了. 排练了一个多月, 不上台表演不是很惋惜吗? 感谢主! 他很快就

这是他第一次表演脱口秀, 他非常享受整个过程. 老师们, 工作人员们和台下的观
众们都很喜欢他, 让他非常开心. 他也很期待以后有类似的表演.

Multiplication Table

I have been teaching AJ to remember the time table since he was 3.5 YO. Progressively, he has mastered 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 11 & lately 9 & 8. I am stucked with 6 & 7 because I cant think of any easier way to teach him. For 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 10 & 11, they are pretty simply, as for 8, I taught him +10-2 formula since he knows his number bond pretty well. My ex-church friend suggested to me to put up all the time table into a table so that he can see the linkage. Huh? I am wondering how to do the table!! After some thoughts, I think I can simply teach him to remember 6x6, 6x7 & 7x7 because the rest of the time table he already knew (eg. he knows 5x6 is the same as 6x5). So, that means I have solved the problem on 6 & 7 time table. The only one left is 12 time table. Silly right? Why is there a need for 12 time table? Why doesnt MOE (Ministry of Education) stop at 10 time table?

春夜喜雨 - 杜甫