The Year-End Christmas Piano Concert




AJ Appearing in MediaCorp's Mat Yoyo soon!

AJ has been selected to cast in the children's programme in Mat yoyo.

His reoording will begin this Sunday 11 Dec 2011. Stay tuned for more updates!

AJ's K2 Graduation Concert

After 1 Year of Training in EG2


The Mcdonald's Birthday Party

AJ is finally 5. This year I decided to have a birthday celebration for him at Mcdonald's. inviting his peers in church. The purpose of having this is to give me an idea how to conduct a birthday party for young children so that we can plan the subsequent one at our place. I have lost touched & have not been invited to a child's birthday party before, thus I need to have some ideas what games to play, the flow of the party, etc.

I had wanted the Mcdonald's at Kallang but it is booked. It has a seperate room for parties, which I like. I think to book that venue, one has to book 1 year in advance because it is as hot as hotcakes! I had to make do with the location at Bedok Reservoir, which turned out to be a convenient location for many who didnt drive.

Thank God that it turned out quite well. Most importantly, the children have enjoyed themselves - the food, the games & the door gifts.


这本字典陪了我超过二十年了. 它是我旧家邻居送的.
那天, 我拿了出来教恩赐如何查生字, 想不到他居然爱上了它, 更爱上了繁体字.
他每天都会自己翻阅它, 自己学写生字(繁体和简体).

Kiss the Rain - Yiruma

I have been enticing him to practise this song. It is really romantic, isn't it? He hesitated. Then I suggested to him that we can help burn his piece to CD & give to Li Jie, his beloved in school, as a farewell gift. When she listens to the music, she will always remember him. & you have guessed it right, he was so willing to do so.

So enjoy the original now. I will post his version when he has perfected it (hopefully). :-)



AJ's Piano Grade 2 Exam Results


Our New Place

We have moved to our new place effective 3 Sep 2011. The old place will be on lease. Here are some photos of our new place.

ABRSM Grade 2 Piano Exam

AJ will be having his exam on 23 August 2011 12noon. Oh, I am excited yet scared ... ...

This is 1 of the exam pieces which he likes most - yea, very jazzy. Hope he will do well in the exam.

KK Children's & Women's Hospital

AJ had high fever of 40 degrees & above over 2 consecutive days that gave me panic. I made the decision to admit him to hospital because this was the 1st time he had such high fever & for 2 consecutive days. I wanted a thorough check to be made on him.

The funny thing was he had fever of above 4o degrees at home but when he was sent to hospital, temperature would drop by 1-2 degrees. He was sent back home once in the early morning because the temperature had dropped when he reached the hospital. But on the same day (5 July 2011) afternoon, his temperature went to 41 degrees & we sent him back. His temperature dropped to 39.3 when we reached but I insisted to have him admitted. An hour later, it went up to 40.

During the stay, they took his temperature every 1-2 hours, drew blood to do tests, collected his stool for examination, etc. After 2 days of stay, when his temperature went to normal, he was discharged. A week later, we received the diagnostic report (see here).

So it was the flu bug. Nowadays the bugs seem to be fierce, sigh ... ...

During his stay in the hospital he updated his personal blog. You may read it here.

Here is a clip which I have recorded. He did a show & tell on his hospital stay.

Mental Mathematics

We have been teaching AJ mental math with my innovated method. He knows them all but when it comes to doing addition sum, he still resorts to counting with fingers.

Argh! Hate that! So I told him the 4 rules he should look out for for easy addition & get him to read out the train of thought. I sat next to him as he did all the sums; reading out the working. It works! He is getting the hang of it. Am so glad!!

Bye bye fingers counting!

Mozart & 4 Hands Extravaganza 2011 - 26/5/2011

These were taken on the day of full-dress rehearsal

The Joy of Learning to Ride

AJ has really gotten into cycling. I can understand the great satisfaction one gets when one can balance on 2 wheels. I was over the moon when I could cycle in my childhood days. I still remember the whole process of learning it. I was so glad that I did not fall at all.

And here he is, cycling non-stop round & round. I have to cut my video because I don’t know when is he going to stop :-)

The Cycling Journey


The father decided one day to remove the 2 side wheels (stablizer) & the foot pedals of AJ's bicycle, converting it to a training bicycle to get AJ to learn balancing. Cool! AJ loves the pedalless bike & within 3 practices he got the hang of it & can balance relatively well. I suggested to the father to put the pedals back, observing that he might be ready to pedal on 2 wheels. Lo & behold! He can balance & pedal indeed! The next thing forward is to have more practices & after that controlling the speed. Woohooo!!!


Mozart & 4 Hands Extravaganza 2011 - 26/5/2011

Birthday Present for His Beloved

It was 李婕’s birthday on 16 April. AJ had wanted to give her a birthday present. I suggested a storybook & urged him to work for it. He was enthusiastic about it. Being a slow eater, the natural way to earn $ was to eat faster, within a stipulated time. We only had 3 days to work on it, with most meals outside, so his meals at home, if finished within a stipulated time, would earn him S$1.

Eventually, he earned S$4.50 over 6 meals. We proceeded to Popular bookstore to get a storybook and gotten this as he said this is her favourite story. The book cost S$4.60 after discount so I am donating 10 cents to him to help him top up the purchase.

EG2 勇敢大舞台 - 寻唐记

EG2 勇敢大舞台 - 寻唐记的演出终于结束了. 恩赐还在演出的两天前来个肠胃感冒
, 真是急坏我了. 排练了一个多月, 不上台表演不是很惋惜吗? 感谢主! 他很快就

这是他第一次表演脱口秀, 他非常享受整个过程. 老师们, 工作人员们和台下的观
众们都很喜欢他, 让他非常开心. 他也很期待以后有类似的表演.

Multiplication Table

I have been teaching AJ to remember the time table since he was 3.5 YO. Progressively, he has mastered 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 11 & lately 9 & 8. I am stucked with 6 & 7 because I cant think of any easier way to teach him. For 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 10 & 11, they are pretty simply, as for 8, I taught him +10-2 formula since he knows his number bond pretty well. My ex-church friend suggested to me to put up all the time table into a table so that he can see the linkage. Huh? I am wondering how to do the table!! After some thoughts, I think I can simply teach him to remember 6x6, 6x7 & 7x7 because the rest of the time table he already knew (eg. he knows 5x6 is the same as 6x5). So, that means I have solved the problem on 6 & 7 time table. The only one left is 12 time table. Silly right? Why is there a need for 12 time table? Why doesnt MOE (Ministry of Education) stop at 10 time table?

春夜喜雨 - 杜甫


The Alphanumeric Pasta

For some reasons AJ likes to play with alphabets and numbers. He likes the alphanumeric biscuits I bought previously & had often asked me to pack them into his school snack box. At the back of my mind I had wanted to get this alphanumeric pasta to entice him to finish his meal quickly. One fine day I decided to go to the newly opened Cold Storage in Nex Shopping Centre as NTUC Fairprice does not sell. Lo & behold, I spotted this & grabbed it. That night I cooked this pasta for him. & yes! He was so excited to eat it. He will look out for the alphabets or numbers & eagerly put them into his mouth! I wish there were bigger size one though. This one is really tiny, the alphabets & numbers break easily. So if you know of any, please let me know.



EG2 Course

This is the course that I have signed AJ up. It specialises speech & presentation in Mandarin, not the usual Chinese enrichment course.
video video

Andrew's 1st Concert

I am both excited & scared. Scared because the pieces are not easy to master & 2 weeks more to the concert, AJ has not fully mastered them yet. I think teacher Buchan has set too high a standard for him :-(