I Want To Marry Her

This was our conversation one night:

AJ: how old would my son's or daughter's mummy be when I am 48 yrs old?
Me: who is yr son's or daughter's mummy?
AJ: 李婕啦! (she is his classmate)
Me: you' want to marry her?
AJ: nod
Me: have you told her?
AJ: no
Me: when do you want to get married?
AJ: err...33? err..... no 23

I can't help but laugh. How on earth did he get this idea of marrying a lady? Other than news & some cartoons in Playhouse Disney, we don't usually turn on any adult shows on TV. It really puzzles me.

On the other hand, I know my son is a sentimental boy. He is stubborn on the outside, but very soft & tender on the inside. Pretty much the mother's trait :-) I am not surprise that he prefers quiet demure damsel. I personally like this girl very much (not that I approved this 'relationship'), she is very well-mannered, polite, kind & gentle to him. Her mother has brought her up well.

Well, another year more to go for AJ to be in the same class as her. After that, it is bye bye to this 'puppy love'. :-)

The girl standing next to him is the one he is interested in.

Blessed Birthday Son!

AJ is 4! I really cant wait for him to grow up, I needed my freedom badly! Yet, I believe I will miss his young old days as he grows up, as he grows more rebellious, as he grows up to be more individual. I will also not be able to hug & kiss him as often as when he was younger.

Initially I wanted to hold a Mcdonald’s birthday party for him inviting his church peers to come, but the Church Choir decided to hold a BBQ at Downtown East Chalet on 5 Nov itself to reward everyone who has participated in the Reformation Cantata on 31 Oct. So I decided to call it off.

As 5 Nov was a public holiday, we had a small celebration in AJ’s school on 4 Nov instead. He cut the cake & everyone got to eat the cake, nuggets I have prepared & a goodie bag to bring home.

On the day itself, we met my sister’s family for lunch & then headed to her house to rest. In the night we went for the BBQ. It has been pouring since lunch, not really the kind of weather for BBQ. Nonetheless, I have already bought the cake & did not want to disappoint the boy too. So, we went despite the rain. Thanks to Kenneth who managed to gather the kids around & AJ got to blow the 4 candles under a big umbrella! Haha …

Gospel Rally 9 Oct 2010

This is the first time AJ sang with the church’s Children’s choir. The poor boy was having a very bad cough with lots of phlegm on the day itself (9 Oct 2010). I was actually contemplating not to send him there, but I know his heart desired to sing. Moreover, he has been practicing very hard for the 3 songs & the memory verses. After much consideration, I still sent him there so that there will no regrets.

Oh! I must say he looked so smart in the black & white attire! And he said he looked smart too – haha.

This is also the first day I was trying out my new Canon E1000 DSLR camera. Some shots were off focus. Never mind, I will get better with it!

Bye Teacher Hara; Hello Teacher Buchan

AJ left Seimpi School of Music end June 2010 though he got into the school’s SMART programme. Prior to this decision, we researched on other opportunities for AJ as we think his talent needs to be brought to higher height at faster speed. Seimpi School of Music does not focus that much on individual grooming as the school tends to mass produce. Anything outside the textbook that the teachers want to do is probably restrained by its red tape.

Farewell photo with teacher Hara from Seimpi School of Music

We chanced into Buchan’s Tedd Joselson School of Piano . Though it is pretty much an OMO, it is her association with Tedd Joselson (International Concert Pianist) that interest us. It is the kind of network & exposure we want for AJ. Upon contacting Buchan, we quickly arranged a meet up with her & AJ played a few pieces for her to assess. She was spot on in her assessment & took him in as her student immediately.

The Seimpi School of Music had plan for AJ to sit for ABRSM Grade 1 in March 2011, but under Buchan’s guidance, he may proceed on to Grade 3 in 2011. So we can clearly see the systematic hierarchy & red tape that AJ has to go through.

Thank God that AJ likes teacher Buchan too, so what she says, he will listen & obey. Buchan wants AJ to practice piano min. 2 hours daily, which can be quite a task to achieve. We are struggling with an hour daily already :-( . We hope that as he grows older, he will understand the need to practice more often in order to further excel in music.

Back to School

AJ has gone back to school, this time, back to Zoophonics. Well, the dress code issue is resolved. The teachers now wear Polo-T uniform, regardless part-time or full-time. And Zoophonics has opened a new branch in my area, which is 15 mins walk together with AJ or 7 mins walk alone. Moreover, they did an assessment for him, so instead of going into Nursery 2, he gets into Kindergarten 1. At least he gets to learn something more advance, which should not be too boring for him.

Though academically he is more advance than his peers, mentally he is still a 4-year old boy. The school actually recommended Kindergarten 2 for him, but I would rather not because I think mentally he is still not there yet. So we settled for Kindergarten 1.

He has enjoyed going to school so far. I have also constantly reviewed what was taught in school & find the curriculum in-line with the Singapore education system & that it was not too easy nor difficult for him. I am quite comfortable with the pace.

You may ask, so what happened when he is officially 6 in calendar year as he would have finished Kindergarten 2 by 5. Well, there are still many enrichment classes he can attend to prepare him for Primary 1. He can also focus more on music by then. Let’s see how it goes by then.

Some Music Pieces AJ Played Recently

These are some pieces which he has practised recently:

video video
video video


Piano Audition Passed!

AJ recently sat for the piano audition set by his music school - Seimpi School of Music & he passed it. He is allowed into the school's fast track programme called SMART (Seimpi MIM Accelerated & Robust Training) programme. They planned for him to sit for ABRSM grade 1 exam in March 2011 if he is ready. We are glad that he has proven his talents in music.

We have not decided if we will go with the school's SMART programme as we are also exploring other schools or teachers which/who can bring out the best in him. We know that this boy is talented in music, so as parents, we want to provide the best for him if we can. Talents are given by God, thus it is our duty to maximise our talents for His glory. May the Lord lead the way.


感谢‘千字童’,‘四五快读’,‘小太阳阅读计划’和 ‘快捷汉字认读教程’,恩赐的华语真的进步了许多。现在,他会大胆尝试在外头看到的词语。碰到不认识的他会问我那是什么。




AJ loves car. He loves it so much that he knows all the car logos on the road literally, & is now learning their models. On any mode of land transport, he would want to look out of the window to look for -- CARS! If you pass him anything flat of any shapes - round, rectangular or squarish, he will imagine that as his steering wheel & drives it. In this aspect, he has my genes. I love cars too & I love to drive.

We brought AJ to Changi Airport T3 on 22nd March to take these motorised car rides. He loves it so much that he said he wants to go again, & again, & again, & again. The car selection is quite wide, ranging from normal conventional cars, to police car, to BMW convertibles, F1 race cars, Harley Davidson look alike bikes & quad bikes. Each ride is 10mins & costs $3 to $8 depending on the car selection. The car is quite real in the sense it has brake pedal & accelerator. You can control the level of the speed (constant) you want with a button & it has forward & reverse gear. In the sense, the child gets to learn a little about driving.

It does seem fun to me too & we are definitely going back again (available until end of Jun'2010).



Minuet in G by Bach / Lover's Concerto

This is the music piece that AJ is requested to play for his music school concert in July 2010. I remembered that there was a song composed to this tune & searched the Internet for it. Finally, I found it! It is a love song. I played it for Andrew to listen & he fell in love with the song immediately. Really, I didnt know my son can be so romantic. He requested me to play it over & over again. He can now sing it by heart. We havent tried playing the music & singing at the same time though.



在家里我都尽可能用华语与儿子交谈。但在他从婴孩起,家中就有了个印尼女佣,爸爸又不精通华语, 所以家中的主要语言是英语。儿子从小就英语了得,而华语他就差很多。直到他三岁生日过后,印尼女佣回家了,我才快马加鞭,赶紧把儿子的华语补进。
有些朋友建议我教儿子三字经和唐诗。坦白说我对唐诗毫无兴趣,叫我怎么教得来呢? 而三字经嘛,我又过不了自己这关说‘人之初,性本善’。对于我而言,‘人之初,性本恶’才是。这么多的顾虑,算了,就教成语吧!


Food Companions

Those who know my family would likely know that AJ is an extremely sloooow eater. Every meal is min. 1hr – breakfast, lunch & dinner. It started since the day he was born. When he was liquid diet, it was the same. Feeding time is like wasting time.

Though he now eats on his own, he cannot be left alone to finish his meal. He will usually not take up the spoon without us nagging, scoldinging or bringing the bowl to him. Since he takes this looong to eat, I will usually eat with him & when I have finished my meal, I will do my work on the computer while monitoring him to eat (and of course, nag, scold & bring the bowl to him).

I am most envious of parents with kid(s) who love to eat. It has never happened to my son so far. He doesn’t go to the refrigerator door & attempt to open to search for snacks. He never says he is hungry before. Wah, sounds like he can go without food huh.

To entice him to eat within the 1 hour (else it could be 1.5 to 2 hours), these are his food companions during his meals … … Arnott’s crackers, rice cake, Korean seaweed, Japanese seaweed, cornflakes, seaweed crackers, etc. Anything crunchy, crispy & savoury goes well. Honestly, I can’t live without them yet. They keep me sane during mealtimes.

Melbourne & Tasmania - 2 to 24 Dec'09

AJ & I left for Melbourne on 2 Dec night. I have booked for Air India & it turned out to be a nice surprise - a SQ airbus due to the Star Alliance arrangement. The plane was almost full with pockets of 1 seat vacant here & there. The couple who sat next to us suggested to us to change seats with the man sitting in front of us. There were 2 men occupying 4 seats thus I could have 3 seats (2 for AJ to sleep). Thank God that he was agreeable to change seats with me & thus AJ was able to sleep for 5 hrs on the 7 hrs flight.

This is the first time I stayed with James & Pauline in their new house (I called that palace because it is really big – 5 bedrooms, 3 lounges, kitchen & dining area). It is nice to visit Melbourne once again after 8 yrs. Melbourne has changed a little. I noticed that there are more cars on the road now. Pauline said there are many Mainland Chinese migrants nowadays. Well, they spoilt the property market once again by flooding it with liquidity, buying houses on hard cash, making property prices sky high.

AJ’s cough got worse in the harsh climate, so much so that it has developed into asthmatic cough. Thank God for a doctor friend of the King’s family (Pauline’s parents) who gave us free consultation. We only have to pay for the medication.

My friend Pauline’s elder son Joshua was having Christmas recital on 7 Dec and we went to watch. It gave Andrew a good idea what a recital is since he has missed the one from his music school. Incidentally, Preacher Paul’s elder son Timothy was also performing on the same night at the same place because both children have the same piano teacher.

We went to Chesterfield Farm, not far from Pauline’s place on 8 Dec. It was quite a comprehensive farm, we saw many animals. Apparently, Andrew is not used to farm. He dislikes long grass, haha. But he had the chance to milk the cow, which was quite an experience.

We went to Werribee Open Range Zoo on 12 Dec with Pauline’s family. Though Singapore has one of the best Zoo, the open range Zoo is no where to be compared. Animals have plenty of space to roam around. The Safari Tour Bus Guide was interesting. We also went to Botanical Garden in Cranbourne with Pr. Paul’s family on 14 Dec.

We headed to Tasmania on 16 Dec night, almost immediately after AJ’s father touched down in the morning. It wasn’t interesting on 17th because it rained heavily throughout in Tasmania - Hobart. Thank God it was sunny on 18th & we were able to visit Port Arthur – the Convict Trail. We literally spent the whole day there. Too bad, we have to leave on 19th evening so after checking out, we visited Richmond town. It was just too short a trip in Tasmania to visit other places, sigh.

AJ had another round of cough & runny nose when he returned to S’pore. This boy’s immunity system is so low, it really caused me a great headache. I am so afraid of exposing him to a group of children, fearing that he will catch another round of virus again. Sigh, I pray that he will be stronger with the regular TCM intake & as he grows older.

AJ's 2009 Praises

This is AJ's video clip on night of praise 31/12/2009 in Church.