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Travel Light With Gaston Luga Backpack

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Now that my boy is a little older, I can afford a longer me-time, aka, a short holiday. So far I have been to Malacca, Melbourne and the most recent, Hong Kong. It is therapeutic to have solo trips once a while, especially for mothers who surround their world around their kids. Solo trip is an excellent time for self-reflection, a time of peace (hopefully you don’t keep thinking of your kiddos), a time which you can just do what you would like to do, without having to seek opinions of others or consider the needs of others. There is a scent of freedom in the air when travelling alone. And often than not, your kiddos appreciate you more when you eventually come home.

I usually eliminate going through the hassle of checking in my luggage on departure (coming back I may need, because I need the luggage space for shopping!). So I have to be a little creative in packing, making sure essentials are there yet I don’t carry with me too many unnecessary stuff.

Here’s how I did …

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