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A Week In Kuching, Sarawak (East Malaysia)

It’s the time of the year when everyone is travelling.

As I opened my Instagram account looking through past travel photos, my fingers stopped scrolling at those photos I took in Sarawak June this year. Oh, how I love this place. It is a place rich in culture, quiet because it is less populated, economical because of the weak currency and plenty of mother natures to explore. If it stays the same 15 years later, I might even consider migrating there.

A week in Sarawak seems like a long stay but that was because we had our church camp there. Nonetheless, there are really many places to explore if one is adventurous. In reality, we have only 3 days to explore this part of East Malaysia, which is really not many days. We stayed in Kuching Hilton Hotel throughout, one of the BEST hotels in Kuching (Sarawak) you could ever ask for.

Kuching Hilton Hotel
Kuching Hilton Hotel is one of few hotels located along Kuching Waterfront. Though there are some more economical ones along the waterfront as w…

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