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Caring For Our Eyes With AeroV (II)

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It is probably our fault that we didn’t do our part to send AJ for eye check frequent enough. The last time he had his eyes checked was in July 2017 with AeroV. Brian Chung, the Optometrist from AeroV, has advised us to have our eyes check half yearly, and for AJ, quarterly since he is on the computer often and he being a child.

Much to my regret not paying attention to his advice, we received alarming notice from Ministry of Health when they came to AJ’s school for routine check, that AJ could have developed short-sightedness. We brought him to Brian for thorough check to confirm this only to be saddened by this reality.

AJ has developed mild myopia on his left eye (100 degree) while the right eye remains okay. Although many friends have exclaimed that we should count it a blessing that his myopia only develops at age 12 (because many kids have myopia at very early age these days), it is not something we would say we are proud of. We would love for him not having to w…

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