BookBuddy - A Better Way To Read


Children who love to read (or have to read) generally develop 3 problems:

1. They hold the reading materials too near.
2. They are so engrossed with their reading that they even read when the lighting is dim.
3. And being too engaged with the story, they read too long without any rest in between.

Sounds so familiar right? On top of these problems, they slouch when sitting down to read, walk and read at the same time, and what not. Many of them develop health-related problems like poor eyesight, bad posture, anxiety and poor concentration.

Introducing to you, BookBuddy, which will help to solve many of these problems.

BookBuddy™ is the smart bookstand which reminds your child to read in good reading conditions through the use of smart sensors. It helps our children to develop healthier reading habits thereby improving their visual and spinal health.

These are what I like about BookBuddy:

1. Lightweight and Portable
It is extremely light so it makes it easy for us to bring it along, even to the library when AJ wants to read in the library or do his work there.

2. Lighting Sensor
The device has lighting sensor which will blink when the surrounding is too dark for the child to read or do his work

3. Distance Sensor
It also has a sensor which will measure reading distance. If the child reads too near a book (less than 30cm), the buzzer will sound.

4. Reading Timer
The device is able to track the child’s reading time. A red LED light will light up when reading exceeds 30mins, indicating that the child should rest his eyes.

On top of these wonderful benefits of BookBuddy, there are additional features of BookBuddy that are worth mentioning: 

The brain behind this innovative device is Crymson Life Tech Pte Ltd. The company took years of research to fine-tune and produce this device. If you do care about your child's vision and spinal health, do watch this video to find out how BookBuddy could help your children.


You may purchase BookBuddy online via this link.  The delivery is free.

Swensen's Salted Egg Lava Rolls And Chicken N Waffle

[Media Invite]

Last month, Swensen's launched 2 new crowd-pleasers to their Breakfast menu. We were invited to try the new Salted Egg Lava Rolls and the Chicken N Waffle.

Salted Egg Lava Rolls  ($10.80)

Chicken N Waffle ($13.90)

The Salted Egg Lava Rolls is a combination of charcoal bread rolls with salted egg butter cream, served alongside with yummy buttered potatoes and cheesy sausages. The Chicken N Waffle is a win with the kids with its crispy and juicy chicken. The golden waffle is drizzled with an all-new decadent butter lime dressing. Served with buttered potatoes, creamy mushrooms and cheesy sausages, it is a blend of sweet, sour and saltiness in this dish.

I'm a salted egg lover. I hope that could be more of it.

Triple Cheese Toasties ($12.50) 

All American Pancakes ($10.80)

The growing boys had Triple Cheese Toasties and All American Pancakes. The Triple Cheese Toasties is for cheese lovers because there are abundance of cheese! 3 layers of special gooey cheeses burst with flavour with every bite. This delectable creation features sourdough bread, served with cheesy sausages, buttered potatoes and creamy mushrooms.

AJ loves pancakes, so this fluffy vanilla buttermilk pancakes with homemade honey butter cream, served with cheesy sausages, buttered potatoes and creamy mushroom suits his taste bud absolutely. I like the unique taste of the homemade honey butter creamy.

Thank you Swensen's for inviting us to a hearty breakfast! The boys had enjoyed themselves very much!

Swensen's serves breakfast in most of its outlets except for those mentioned in their website. Do pop by to have a great family dining time.

Natural Healings Through Chiropractic - Part 3 of 4


I have gained quite a fair bit of knowledge on the correlation between our nervous system and our brain through these few sessions of chiropractic treatments we received in Natural Healings. When there is a misalignment or dysfunction in our spine, it will cause nerve interference.

When we do bother to have regular check up for our teeth, we prolong the useful lifespan of our teeth. Likewise, if we do bother to have regular chiropractic treatment, we can do the same for our spine. Regular chiropractic treatments can help prevent progressive spinal degeneration and therefore optimize our organs functionalities. Chiropractic is like brushing teeth. It is something we should consider doing on a regular basis to maintain the life of our spine as regular activities, such as chronic sitting, slouching, carrying heavy stuff, can contribute to it functioning less than optimally. Deterioration is a process, and it starts small, usually insignificant to catch our eyes. YET, it is there.

So I also have AJ checked. He doesn’t have much issue except some stiffness on his neck and shoulder area, just a few treatment sessions would do him fine. I need to observe carefully his posture though, generally in sitting down and carrying stuff.

The Chiropractor in Natural Healings also shared with me that the birth process and infancy can come with a surprising amount of stress. By correcting tensions and subluxations when they first arise, our children can grow better (physically). Research has shown that Chiropractic helps over 90% of infants with colic or irritability. It is also very effective with common childhood conditions like asthma, allergies, recurrent chest and ear infections, and learning and behavioural difficulties.

Why wouldn't you consider a spinal check for both you and your child? From now till 20 Aug 2016, you can enjoy spinal screening and posture analysis with adjustment at only $50 (worth $320) for both you and your child when you SMS <JENN_NAME> (eg. if your name is 'Tony', then you key in the sms text as <JENN Tony>) to 8138 6088. It is a small sum to pay to get a good idea of our spinal health. I hope you could all take advantage of this special offer.

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