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Chatuchak Thai Milk Tea & Coffee

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Sweet treats unite! Agree?
Despite being a Paleo Diet advocate, I do have my cheat days. Cheat days are precious days when I use them to bond with loved ones and friends.

Chatuchak Ice Lemon Tea
If you love Thai Milk Tea, you might just love Chatuchak Thai Milk Tea & Coffee. For simple reasons, they reduce the sugar level to suit our local palate. I do find milk tea, coffee with milk and other diary products in neighbouring developing countries too sweet. So, it is definitely a welcoming news that Chatuchak Thai Milk Tea & Coffee chose to reduce the sugar level. It is certainly healthier too.

Besides that, all the ingredients are from Thailand and the tea leaves they use are from a famous Thai supplier, which has 80% market share in Thai food businesses in Thailand. That is a lot more authentic without having to step into Thailand!

I tried their Thai Milk Tea (Iced), Lemon Tea (Iced) and Green Tea Cocoa (Hot). I like their Thai Milk Tea as it wasn't too sweet yet …

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